As an expert for professional

  • tranquillisation and narcotisation
  • medical treatment

of animals, during the last years TeleDart® has very rapidly gained worldwide reputation to be the specialist for solid, well-engineered and high-quality darting equipment made in Germany.

Developing most advanced products in the field we are the manufacturer known for humane solutions featuring unmatched quality.

At first hand utilizing the knowledge and skills from expert veterinarians, research teams and other professionals working in zoos, animal rescue but also in breeding centers and wildlife reserves, TeleDart® is known for reasoned construction and user-friendly designed technology and being highly recommended globally for many animal projects.

Maximum Quality Our steadfast philosophy on product advancement, finest quality control and excellent customer service can be reflected from our worldwide acceptance and feedback from customers, partners and the growing global network of distributors.
Today, TeleDart® equipment is appraised around the world and has become the first choice for responsible and most gentle treatment of domestic and wild animals

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